BaZi Astrology

Success is highly impacted by the energy at your time of birth and the energy by your side when your actions take place. The energy by your side changes every hour, every day, every month and specially every year. Some periods are more favorable than others and life is easier when we go with the flow. A BaZi Astrology consult allows you to get a deeper understanding of your own weaknesses and strengths as well as the opportunities that are coming your way in any area of your life, so you can take informed decisions and act upon them. During a BaZi Astrology consult Viviana assess the energy at that specific moment i in time and lets you know if it supports your actions and/or helps you determine the actions that are in line with your goals and with the energy by your side. A BaZi Astrology consult is recommended at least once a year because the energy by your side is in constant change and it primarily changes every year. Book a FREE Discovery Call with Viviana to learn more.